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LaboGene's May Campaign

We are running a campaign for our centrifuges ScanSpeed Mini and ScanSpeed 416 at reduced prices.

What is a ScanSpeed 416?
  • A low-speed centrifuge with soft start/stop for gentle acceleration and deceleration. It comes with memory for 10 programs and alarms for imbalances, overheating and overspeed as well as an automatic lid release.
  • The centrifuge is ideal for general laboratory applications including biological sample separations of cellular materials, blood, urine, sperm etc. As well as clinical applications including PRP, PRF, lipid cell separation and stem cell isolation.
  • A large assortment of rotors, buckets and adaptors for microtubes and all sizes of tubes up to 100 mL are available for the centrifuge. 
What is a ScanSpeed Mini?
  • The centrifuge is of compact small-footprint design for 12 x 1,5-2,0 mL microtubes with rapid acceleration/deceleration, pulse spin feature and supplied with a fixed angle rotor including adaptors for 0,2 mL microtubes.
  • It is recommended for molecular works of cell collection, phenol extraction, simple spin-down etc. 
  • 12 microtubes or 10 cryotubes can be run up to 13.500 RPM (12.300 x g)
  • Compact design built to accomodate PCR tubes, microtubes and cryotubes (0,2 to 2,0 mL)
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