Watch our video to learn how to install and operate the ChillSafe 8-30

Jesper Scharstein will from LaboGene ApS will illustrate and explain how you install and operate the cooling bath. 

LaboGene's February Campaign

This February, we will be running a campaign for our ChillSafe 8-30 at a great price!

What is a ChillSafe 8-30? 

ChillSafe 8-30 is a powerful cooling chiller and bath with cooling capacity of 600 watts at 20°C and 400 watts at 0°C. It is including an external circulation kit & a HeatControl SHC 2000 circulator, which ensures a high heating capacity of 2000 watts, accurate regulation within the bath & high performance.  

The high-grade stainless steel bath and pump together with a strong cooling system and thick insulation ensures a long operational life, low noise level and low energy consumption. 


Key Benefits

  • Designed for cooling of externally connected equipment, i.e. rotary evaporators, refractometers, microscope stages etc.
  • Adjustable circulation speed for excellent external and internal temperature control.
  • Small footprint for either bench top positioning or floor standing location.
  • Off-set temperature adjustment for true external temperature control.
  • High pump capacity of 17 liters/min. at 350 mBar.
Watch our video in the left column to explore how to install and operate the cooling bath. 

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