Learn here how to combine the use of a freeze dryer together with a freezer 

Jesper Scharstein from LaboGene ApS will illustrate and explain how you combine the use of a freeze dryer together with a freezer for a more efficient freeze drying process.

LaboGene's April Campaign

This April, we will be running a campaign for our freeze dryer, CoolSafe Touch 110-4, and freezer, SnowBird, at a reduced price. You will receive:
  • A CoolSafe Touch 110-4, which is a powerful freeze dryer going down to -110°C and with a cooling capacity of 2,5 kg. (max. 3 kg/24 hours). It comes with regulation of temperature, pressure and time.
  • A SnowBird, which is a compact freezer going down to -85°C and with a capacity of 87 L.
  • An acrylic chamber ø300 mm with heated shelves.
  • A strong vacuum pump RZ 2,5 with an ultimate vacuum of 0,001 mBar and capacity of 30 L/min
  • 10 stainless steel trays, so you can pre-freeze and freeze dry at the same time. 

A great combination!

By combining the equipment, you get the optimal facilities for pre-freezing and freeze drying your samples effeciently. 
Thereby, start your work by freezing your samples, so they are ready for freeze drying.
While the freeze dryer is operating to your specific needs regarding temperature, pressure and time, you have the opportunity to freeze a new set of samples as you have 5 extra trays available.
Hence, you are optimizing your time in the laboratory and at the same time avoiding melted/destroyed samples as the equipment can be situated together so the transition time is minimized. 
Watch our video in the left column to explore how you combine the use of a freeze dryer together with a freezer. 

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