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LaboGene A/S | Design Thinking

We have engaged some fantastic people to present our premises together with our values and the people behind the Labogene brand.

We hope you will enjoy the presentation and get an impression of how we meet high technical standards and design expectation.




-90°C freezer & cryobaths


-High speed Centrifuges


- Industrial laminar flow modules

LaboGene A/S is actively participating in forming the future of safety cabinets by working with the Danish Standard comity S-360 "Laboratory equipment".

Through Danish Standard S-360, LaboGene has the possibility to influence the work being done on laboratory equipment in equivalent CEN and ISO comities.
LaboGene™ has achieved and been
upgrated to full ISO 9001-2015 Accre-
ditation. The internationally recognised
standard for quality management.

Policy and scope
LaboGene ISO 9001:2021 Certificate - EN
LaboGene ISO 9001:2021 Certifikat - DK
TÜV Factory Inspection September 2022

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