News and press 2017

Product update

From 2018, our CoolSafe Superior Touch XS (9 litre capacity and down to -100°C) will be supplied as standard with an electrical heated three-shelf rack for pre-freezing.
For model XL (15 litre capacity and down to -95°C), there will be different item numbers depending on which shelf rack you need.
For more information about the product update, please click on the below link

Now you can configure your own sterile cabinet

Earlier this year, we introduced you to our online configurator, where you can tailor your own freeze dryer and Class 2 cabinet. We have now developed it further, so you now are able to tailor your own Class 100 cabinet according to your specific requirements and needs.
Click on the below link to start using it and please let us know if you have any feedback, questions etc. 

Our moving showreel

Our moving showreel is ready for you to watch! During our moving days 20-22 October, we recorded our progresses, so you are able to view the entire construction process while receiving some "fun facts" about our moving.
Enjoy and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Brochure available for our new Fortuna Clean Bench!

As well as moving, we are also innovating at the same time! We are pleased to present our new and improved Class 100 cabinet - Fortuna Clean Bench! It will from now on be produced on our Mars platform, thereby giving you a sterile cabinet with more features, including an electrical front window as well as a lower energy consumption and noise level.
Click on the below link to download the new Fortune Clean Bench brochure and read about the new features.

Furthermore, our showreel showing the construction of our new premises will be ready next week, so stay tuned!

We've moved!

First week at our new premises has ended. We are operating at full speed again and the entire place is looking amazing already! Soon, we will have a video ready for you showing you the construction of our new premises! 

New platform for Fortuna

Like the original Fortuna cabinet, the new and improved cabinet will come with a fixed, one-piece table top. However, as a new feature, it will be manufactured with an electric front window, thereby enabling the user to adjust the front window opening as needed.

For this reason, the front closing plate in aluminium will become superfluous when using UV light inside the cabinet, as the window can be shut completely.

Since the platform is identical to the Mars, the accessories which are available for the Mars cabinet will also be available for the Fortuna cabinet, with the exception of the table tops.

Initially, the delivery time will be longer than usual due to the switch-over to the new platform, in which we are currently producing prototypes. 

New data sheets, a brochure and a manual will be available for the Fortuna Clean Bench soon. More information about this to follow.

We are certain you will value this new model!

Are you getting your safety cabinets and LAF units serviced? 

Do you remember to get your safety cabinets and LAF units serviced at least once a year? It is important to have them serviced regularly to sustain their ability to function, thus keeping the operator-, product- and environment protection continuously.
LaboGene has 40 years' experience in the industry and has through the years developed the necessary knowledge and competences to service all series of LAF units. 
Our service technicians are primarily operating in Denmark and the bordering countries, so if you are interested in hearing more about what we can offer, then please click on the below link. 

LaboGene is open the entire summer

We are open and at your disposal the entire summer, where our office and production are operating at full steam. In case of any requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form in the right column.
We wish you a great summer! 

LaboGene's new French distributor

A new partner has joined the LaboGene team! Servilab SARL is our new distributor in France and will be promoting our product range of freeze dryers, safety cabinets, centrifuges etc. We would like to congratulate as they have won their first LaboGene order for two Mars class 2 safety cabinets. An excellent start, so please join us in congratulating and welcoming Servilab to the LaboGene team!
For more information about Servilab, please visit their webpage using the below link.  

LaboGene's new configurator

It is with a great pleasure that we present our new configurator!
This will guide you through all the relevant steps when configuring a freeze dryer or safety cabinet. The result is a safety cabinet or freeze dryer configured to your exact requirements and needs. 
After using the configurator, all you need to do is press "send" at the end to submit the request directly to LaboGene, and we will make sure subsequently that the distributor in your specific country will revert to you with a quote.

If you have any comments, questions etc., please don't hesitate to send them to us. The configurator is an ongoing process and we will continue to make improvements, add new features etc. 
We would therefore appreciate receiving your thoughts etc. for further improvements. 

Try the configurator out for yourself - just press on the below link!

We are moving!

We are excited to announce that we are moving this autumn to new premises at Bjarkesvej 5 in Alleroed.
Our new premises are more modern and provide us plenty of space for both our production and office requirements. They come with better production facilities for improved production flow.  
We are looking forward to welcoming you once we have settled in!

Clicl on the below link for more information about LaboGene's upcoming relocation.

LaboGene's new American distributor

We are very please to welcome Enviroflo, Inc. to the LaboGene Team! Enviroflo is our new distributor in the USA and we would like to congratulate as they have just sold their first LaboGene product - A ScanSpeed Mini centrifuge to Texas Tech University. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation, so please join us in welcoming Enviroflo to the LaboGene Team! 
To learn more about Enviroflo, please visit their website using the below link. 

LaboGene's wide range of centrifuges

Are you looking for a new centrifuge? 
LaboGene has a wide range of centrifuges in the area of micro-, low-speed, high-speed and large capacity centrifugation. 
Press on the below link to see our entire range of centrifuges and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. 

Back in Denmark after a fantastic seminar!

LaboGene's Sales & Marketing team is back in Denmark after a successful Sales Seminar in Lisbon last week, and we want to take the opportunity to thank our European distributors, who were able to join us for those interesting days!

Sales seminar for our European distributors

Our Sales & Marketing team is this week in Lisbon and holding a Sales Seminar for our European distributors, where we are focusing on our core products - Safety cabinets, freeze dryers and centrifuges - and are introducing a new online tool, which you will hear much more about in the near future!

How to assemble our vacuum concentration system, MaxiVac

In addition to our video from last week, we have also made a video illustrating how you easily assemble and operate our vacuum concentration system, MaxiVac.
Jesper Scharstein will once again guide through the process.
Press on the below link to see our video.

Please feel free to contact us using the form in the right column if you need further information. 

How to assemble our freeze dryers, CoolSafe 

Last week we introduced our new freeze drying brochure, which takes you through the process of configure the optimal freeze dryer for your application. But when you have bought your freeze dryer, how do you then assemble it? We would like to show you how simple a process it is to connect LaboGene's freeze dryer CoolSafe to a vacuum pump and installing the chamber or manifold. 
Press on the below link to see our video where Jesper Scharstein will guide your through the process.

You are always welcome to contact us using the form in the right column for further information and guidance. 

New brochure for our freeze dryers 

We at Labogene are proud to present our new brochure for our freeze dryers!
This will lead you through the process of configure the optimal freeze dryer for your application from which temperature and volume you should choose to selection of chamber, accessories etc.
Press on the below link to download the new brochure.
You are always welcome to contact us using the form in the right column for further information and guidance. 

How does a biological safety cabinet work? 

How does a biological safety cabinet work and how do you choose the optimal cabinet for your laboratory application?
We have made an overview of the different cabinet classes and their corresponding biosafety levels to help you to choose the correct biological safety cabinet for your laboratory work.
Click on the below link to gain access to the overview.


Last week we had our photographer on a visit to take some pictures of our freeze dryers and various parts for our products. A very productive day and we are looking forward to use the pictures in our marketing activities. You can catch a glimpse of the photoshoot at the left. 

Which kind of centrifuge do you need? 

At LaboGene we offer various types of centrifuges designed for different application as we know our customers have different needs and requirements. Therefore, we offer a wide range of centrifuges from micro models - recommended for micro-samples applications - to floor standing models with higher speed and capacity.
Which kind of centrifuge do you need?
Click on the below link to learn more about the different centrifuge models and find the one designed for your application.

Delivery of 120 cabinets to the new Maersk Tower in Denmark

The new Maersk Tower to which LaboGene have delivered 117 Class 2 biological safety cabinets and 3 sterile cabinets was initiated 18th of January in Copenhagen Science City.
The new Tower has been designed with the aim of creating the best possible environment for modern research and teaching and will be the international centre for research and education. Click on the below link to watch the TV programme about the new Copenhagen Science City with its core focus of sharing knowledge.

New brochure available for our centrifuges!

We have a wide selection of ScanSpeed centrifuges ranging from micro centrifuges to floor-standing centrifuges. They all come with our innovative rotors for your customers’ processing needs, as well as a variety of accessories, from microplates and microtubes to large-capacity bottles.

We have produced a brand new brochure presenting every type of centrifuges.

Click on the below link to download the new brochure. 

The lyophilization process

Are you having trouble understanding how freeze drying really works?
Freeze drying can be complicated, so we have made a simple explanation of the entire lyophilization process - from 1st stage with pre-freezing to 3rd stage with secondary drying - to simplify it. 
Click on the below link to learn about the process
You are always welcome to contact us for further information about the process and freeze drying in general!

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