Which kind of centrifuge do you need? 

A centrifuge is used for the separation of heterogeneous mixtures. The separation is achieved by spinning a vessel containing your product at high speed. This will result in that the centrifugal force pushes heavier materials to the outside of the vessel and you will have your product separated as needed.

They use centrifugal force that is derived through rotational movement to separate mixtures. A requirement here is a sufficiently large difference in density of the constituents.

Separations are a critical step for wide variety of laboratory applications, thus it is important to consider the centrifuge requirements and technical specifications for your applications so you achieve the optimal performance in your laboratory.

We at LaboGene know that there are different requirements and therefore we offer a wide range from micro centrifuges to floor standing models with higher speed and capacity.

Micro centrifuges – Recommended for micro-samples applications

These models are the ideal high speed centrifuges for micro-sample applications, including biological sample separations of cellular materials, RNA/DNA and peptides. The micro-sample models offer complete flexibility and versatile usage, with low noise levels and high capacity for 30 x 1.5 mL and high g-force up to 27.237 xg.

Some of the micro centrifuge models offer rapid cooling down to 4°C in 5 minutes and lowest temperature of -20°C guarantees a fast start-up without the need for pre-cooling, even with large sample loads. This contributes significantly to the extended operational life-time of the centrifuge. 

Discover how our four micro centrifuges can accelerate your sample preparation processes and support all your micro-volume protocols here:

Clinical low-speed centrifuges – Recommended for general laboratory applications

The ideal low speed centrifuge for general laboratory applications, including biological sample separations of cellular materials, blood, urine, sperm etc. The centrifuge offers complete sample flexibility and versatile usage, with low noise and with gentle spinning facility with complete security and safety for your samples, laboratory and personnel.

In our range of clinical centrifuges, we offer a ScanSpeed 406, which is ideal for clinical applications and ScanSpeed 416, which is ideal for clinics, cell biology and food laboratories.

Read more about the centrifuges here:

Multi-purpose high-speed centrifuges – Recommended for academic or industrial laboratories

The high-speed centrifuge range designed for large-volume daily-working laboratories and are ideal for cellular and molecular biology work, clinical preparations, industrial applications etc. The models offer a wide range of operating speeds which goes up to 25.910 xg, many different tube capacities and can be used for various applications together with low noise levels and fast cooling of the samples.

Fast cooling with the “R” models down to +4°C in 5 minutes and lowest temperature to -20°C, offering a fast start up, eliminating the requirements for pre-cooling of large sample loads, thereby extending the operational life of the centrifuge.

LaboGene offers five different multi-purpose high-speed centrifuges and you can read more about them here:

Large capacity high-speed centrifuges – Recommended for multi-users or core lab facilities

We offer three different kinds of large capacity centrifuges to serve your different needs for centrifugation.

Our ScanSpeed 2236R is normally used for large volume harvesting in cellular and molecular biology works, clinical preparations, industrial separation applications etc., and it is ideal for a wide range of experiments from simple precipitation and separation to filtering, concentration, precipitations, density gradient separation etc.

Our ScanSpeed 1736R is designed for large-volume daily-working laboratories and is ideal for all kinds of basic and analytical experiments such as phenol extraction, NA preparation, cell harvest, precipitations, density gradient separation etc.

Specially designed buckets are available for finely graduated 100 mL glass tubes to analyze oil purity, milk fat fraction, toxic components, impurities etc.

In addition, we have adaptors available for blood separation from 500 mL and 250 mL blood bags and many different sizes of blood collection tubes.

Read more about our large capacity centrifuge range here:

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