ChillSafe cooling & cryobaths

ChillSafe & CryoSafe; A range of cooling and cryostatic baths and circulators with intelligent, soft touch digital PID controllers.

Features of the cooling and cryostatic baths: 

  • Seamless stainless steel baths of 8 or 18 litres with 50mm thick insulation.
  • SHC 2000 or SHC 4000 controllers (standard on CryoSafe) with pump capacity of 17 litres/min and circulation pressure of 350 mbar. 

Temperature range of the cooling and cryostatic baths:

  • The ChillSafe models temperature range -30°C to +90°C
  • The Cryosafe models temperature range -50°C to +90°C or -90°C to +90°C.
The ideal equipment for pre-freezing samples for freeze drying, controlling temperature of externally connected instruments i.e. Rotary evaporators, electron microscope etc.

LaboGene offer in addition to the cooling equipment also laboratory warming baths, HeatSafe, which can go up to 150 °C depending on which model you choose. The series go from 4 liters and up to 28 liters and a fast heating is secured with a precise temperature monitoring by the use of a thermostat.
It is possible to to buy a spin freeze for spin freezing of flasks for freeze drying
We offer different kind of circulators

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