Class 2 type B2 Cabinets: Mars B2

100 % exhaust class 2 type B2 cabinet - Mars B2

Mars B2 is a class 2 biological safety cabinet which provides operator, product and environmental protection with possibility of high window opening and is 100 % exhaust. The cabinet has as well a 200 mm front aperture and should always be ducted.

The microbiology safety cabinet is similar in many ways to the standard Mars cabinet. The only difference is that the Mars cabinet is 70% recirculation and 30% exhaust, whereas the Mars B2 is 100% exhaust.

This microbiological safety cabinet is suitable for microbiological work which requires sterility of product but may involve the use of small volumes of solvents, acids or chemicals that may normally require fume hood extraction. However the microbiological safety cabinet should not be used as a fume cupboard. Safe change pre-filter system make the cabinet ideally for animal cage changing and animal handling procedures. 

Table tops of the biological safety cabinets Class 2 with 100% exhaust type B2
Table tops and valves for the Biological safety cabinets Class 2 with 100% exhaust type B2

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