Freeze Dryers - ScanVac

Range of bench-top and floor-standing freeze dryers

LaboGene’s freeze dryers are an outstanding and versatile range of advanced bench-top freeze dryers and advanced floor-standing freeze dryers.

The lyophilizes are the product of more than 40 years’ experience and expertise and are the ideal choice for research, process development and small-scale production.

We provide a large range of small and large capacity freeze dryers and cold traps offering fast freeze drying speeds, lowest temperature, easy maintenance and a wide range of chambers and accessories.

We have different freeze dryer models offering both simplicity of operation and the highest performance characteristics to meet the demands of today’s research and development laboratories where freeze dried products and samples are essential.

LaboGenes's freeze dryers - down to -110°C

Our 4-15 Liters laboratory freeze dryers comes with lowest condenser temperatures of -55°C, -95°, -100°C or -110°C while our floor standing freeze dryers with 80 liter condensers comes at -55°C or 95°C
Our laboratory freeze dryers are offered as Basic, Pro, Pro Control or Superior versions after which specific needs you have in your laboratory.

Vacuum concetration systems - MaxiVac

LaboGene is offering – besides freeze dryers – vacuum concentration systems, which are the ideal choice for concentration of small sample volumes. With is unique seamless condenser and a -110°C cold trap, MaxiVac ensures fast and reproducible drying while protecting both the pump and the laboratory environment.

ScanVac exemplifies expertise and the very best of equipment for lyophilization (freeze drying), speed vacuum concentration and cold traps.

In cooperation with our local distributors, we have a worldwide dealer and distribution network that make it possible for us to provide our customers with top-quality freeze dryers and vacuum concentrators delivered on time, backed up with good technical service for the lifetime of the freeze dryers and vacuum concentration systems.

Give our distributor in your specific country a call or send them an email for more information about the lyophilizaton process, freeze drying technology and LaboGene’s freeze dryers.
You can see LaboGene’s distributor list here:

LaboGene's range of cooling equipment - ScanCool

ScanCool is the brand that epitomizes the best in cooling equipment and represents our long experience in the manufacturing of cooling and cryobaths and also LaboGene’s ultra-low -90°C temperature freezer of the highest quality, reliability and performance.

SnowBird is the personal ultra-low freezer, which give you everything with regard to low temperature sample storage and is a key element in the ScanCool range. The freezer is easy to place in your laboratory and gives safe storage of your samples.

In the ScanCool range LaboGene do also offer a wide range of cooling and cryostatic baths, ChillSafe and CryoSafe.

The ScanCool ChillSafe range offer cooling down to -35°C in bath sizes 8 or 18 liters and with cooling capacities from 600 to 1200 watts.

The ScanCool CryoSafe range offer cooling down to -50°C or -90°C based on which liters model you choose, 8 or 18 liters.

Please contact LaboGene’s distributors in your specific country for more information about our ScanCool range. 

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