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As we have said in previous newsletters, datasheets for all products in the ScanLaf, ScanVac and ScanCool ranges are accessible on the login-page on www.labogene.com.
Based on your responses and our ambition to offer you optimal support in your efforts to promote and sell our products, our datasheets will be continuously updated. We will be uploading updated versions on an ongoing basis, and if you would like to know status of a specific datasheet upgrade, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New and updated brochures for our ScanLaf & ScanVac products are in the works. The first drafts will be released at the end of March for Forum Labo in France. Simultaneously, the brochures will be uploaded to our login-page, www.labogene.com/distributors.
Until then, please use the data in the datasheets as the prime technical specification tool. The old brochures from 2012 should only be used for a general description of the products, as they are not updated and are therefore unsuitable for technical validation.

Seasonal holiday in Denmark:
Schools are closed in week 7 (9-15 February) and many, including many among the LaboGene staff, take the opportunity to spend this week together with their families on a holiday. 

Products for sale!
We are still selling out of fully functional products stored in our remote warehouse. Have a look and see if any of these might be of interest to you.
Follow the link to view the products: http://www.labogene.com/Products-for-sale-

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