Miscellaneous information

Updated brochures:

We have updated our Mars, CoolSafe 4-15 L, CoolSafe Superior, SnowBird and MaxiVac brochures over the last couple of months. They are available for downloading on the login page on our website.

Over the rest of this year, we will be intensifying our efforts to update the remaining brochures so you are able to brand LaboGene even better.

Summer holiday period:

LaboGene will be open for the entire summer holidays, although with reduce staff presence.

However, our ScanVac production will be closed in calendar weeks 31 and 32 (27 July-7 August) due to renovation of our freeze-drying production area.

Customer satisfaction survey:

We would like to thank those distributors who took the time to answer the LaboGene Customer Satisfaction Survey a couple months ago. We are in the process of analysing the results and in an effort to improve LaboGene’s performance.

Seminar in Thailand:

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in September at the Distributor Seminar in Thailand.
Here is a brief overview of what you can expect.

You will learn from and be part of constructive, high-relevance workshops, dialogues & presentations, all aimed at benefitting you in your LaboGene training.

·        Dialogue regarding quality/development/consumer relevance and trends on a technical product level

·        Market trends – a specific region

·        Aspiration case workshop – a customer-centric, go-to-market approach

·        How to ensure more accessibility & dialog workshop

·        Inspirational guest speaker will expand on the topics covered during the seminar

If you have not registered for the seminar by now but you would still like to attend, please send an email to Josephine Nelson, jn@labogene.com , as soon as possible to reserve a spot if any are available. 

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