Open House 

On 18 January, we held our open house event to celebrate and welcoming you to our new facilities at Bjarkesvej 5 in Alleroed, Denmark. 
A great attendance where both our suppliers, distributors and other business partners where participating.

During the day, our service technician, Sten Lund, demonstrated how a safety cabinet works with a "smoke show" and our business development manager, Jesper Scharstein, showed the "magic" of freeze drying, including demonstrating what happens when you freeze-dry a cream puff!

It was a fantastic celebration and we would like to thank you for all the superb gifts which we received. 

If you have any comments etc., then you are more than welcome to contact us, and if you missed this opportunity, please know that you are always welcome to visit us and have a look around.

For a glimpse of our open house, please see below pictures taken during the day. Enjoy!

Pictures from our Open House

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