MiniVac Evaporators

MiniVac Evaporation systems

The MiniVac systems are compact, environment friendly centrifugal evaporators, designed for rapid and efficient concentration or drying of small samples in tubes. A high sample throughput and recovery, especially on RNA/DNA samples is achieved with ease and reproducibility whilst maintaining complete sample integrity.

Available in two versions

  • MiniVac Alpha
  • MiniVac Beta
The MiniVac is available in two versions offering the same technical specifications but with differing maximum sample capacities and vacuum pumps.

General for both models

The MiniVac Alpha and Beta systems are compatible with all constituent equipment's to provide integrated systems, e.g. cold traps and vacuum pumps. 
Excellent results can be achieved from both units with good recovery results and wide versatility of applications.

Features for both evaporator models

Easy to use manual and programmable system:
  • Includes timer, start/stop functions, vacuum pump, heating temperature can be set between ambient and 80C. 
  • Digital display of the vacuum down to 1mBar, full programming of time, temperature and vacuum. 
  • The performance can be enhanced by the addition of ice cubes around the drip catcher to increase the rate of evaporation. 
  • Acrylic lid allows full visibility of the ScanSpeed 32 centrifuge chamber to monitor the progress. 
  • No cross contamination or sample loss, the exhaust vent for the vacuum being totally isolated.

MiniVac Alpha Evaporator

Supplied complete with a maintenance-free VacSafe 15 self-contained, Venturi water-jet pump that collects expelled vapours and condensates.
Includes the following accessories: DC drip catcher, ice cube container, connectors, hoses and clips and multipurpose Eppendorf rotor for 48 x 1.5-2.0 mL or 76 x 0.5 mL Eppendorf tubes. 
The only operational requirement is to empty the drip catcher of any liquid and to change the water in the VacSafe 15 pump on a regular/weekly basis, depending on usage. 

MiniVac Beta Evaporator

Supplied complete with a Vacuubrand MP2.2 teflon menbrane pump to 7 mBar including DC drip catcher, ice cube container and all accessories. 
Also included are all connectors, hoses, clips and also a multipurpose Eppendorf rotor for 48 x 1.5-2.0 mL or 76 x 0,5 mL Eppendorf tubes.
The only operational requirement is to empty the drip catcher of any carried over liquid. 
Our vacuum concentration systems can be made to meet your specific needs. 
A wide range of accessories are available for your vacuum concentration system 

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