New General Manager

Dear Valued Partner,
I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Stig Lumbye as the new General Manager of LaboGene.
Stig holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and has extensive experience of executive management in technical industries from positions with Brüel & Kjær, DELTA and Hope Computer Corp.
Stig will continue many of the initiatives started back in 2013, as well as further develop LaboGene’s business strategy. We have a much stronger platform today compared to 2013 – and I personally believe we are ready for an even more ambitious business strategy. This ambition will now be lead and driven by Stig and his management team, who will bring LaboGene to the next level in our growth plan.  
The key priority for LaboGene’s entire management team now and in the near future is to ensure and enhance our relations and dialogue with you as our partner. Your loyalty has been proven throughout our collaboration. There is no doubt in our minds about that. However, we believe your loyalty is something we must earn every single day through our actions. In future, we intend to build a consistent –perhaps even stronger – sense of loyalty through high stability, professionalism and credibility in our actions to support your efforts to market and sell LaboGene products.  
The first step is to meet with as many of you as possible – either in person sometime in the near future or at LaboGene’s 2015 exhibition stands, for instance at Achema in June. We also hope you will accept our invitation to a LaboGene seminar in Q3 2015 – you will hear much more about this within the next couple of months.
During the next period, Stig will reach out to many of you to introduce himself and listen to your ideas and general inputs. He will be joined by our Head of Global Sales & Marketing, Annette Møller, and her team.
If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact either myself, Stig or Annette directly.
Please join me in welcoming Stig to the LaboGene family.
Niels Boel Sørensen
Owner & Chairman of the Board, LaboGene Aps
Contact us:
Stig Lumbye, direct: + 45 2090 1100, slu@labogene.com
Niels Boel Sørensen, nbs@labogene.com
Annette Møller, direct: + 45 4280 8295, am@labogene.com

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