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To whom it may concern, 
With great pleasure we are annoncing that LaboGene A/S has been acquired by Gene Company Ltd. 
Gene Company is one of our long lasting distributors, and for several years LaboGene and Gene Company have been cooperating in Hong Kong and China.
The shift in ownership means that LaboGene can continue focusing on our innovative profile and on providing customers with top quality equipment to best serve their needs. 
For you as our distributor it also means that we will stay in front and keep developing our innovative products exactly as we have always done – and that there are no changes in our products or other premises.
Furthermore, our high quality production stays in Denmark at the same premises as always and a new contract  has been signed by both parts for the next five years. 
I, Mikal Skat Nørrevig, will continue as CEO, and the new LaboGene team will consist of a large number of existing, valuable employees who have been working with LaboGene for several years. 
Best regards 
Labogene A/S 
Mikal Skat Nørrevig

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