LaboGene joins forces with leading Danish provider of lab equipment

It is with great pleasure that we at LaboGene A/S can announce our new collaboration with the leading Danish provider of lab equipment and services, Holm & Halby. This means that from this point, Holm & Halby will be selling and providing service to LaboGene’s products for our Danish costumers.
The decision was easy as Holm & Halby repeatedly has proven to be the strongest supplier of laboratory equipment in Denmark with a highly skilled sales and service team. For the past 30 years, Holm & Halby has been the largest supplier of LAF Cabinets to the Danish market, and we are pleased to be able to expand their product portfolio.
Our aim is to set even higher standards in producing and providing service to lab equipment to all our Danish customers, and to keep focusing on high security in laboratories worldwide, and with Holm & Halby’s equally high ambitions, we see ourselves as the perfect match.
Further, the short distance between LaboGene and Holm & Halby ensures close and easy collaboration in our mission to help our customers. Now, we are able to invite customers to our factory to discuss the best solution and to show our production of freeze dryers and cabinets in Allerød, Denmark.
In conclusion: We are very pleased with this new collaboration, and with this strong dynamic duo we are looking forward to keep supplying the best possible solutions and support to you.

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