How do ex.works and CPT work?

Tilt watch and shock watch:
It is important always to check the tilt watch and shock watch before unpacking any goods shipped by LaboGene. That way, if there are any problems, a proper claim can be made against the shipping company.

When an order is shipped according to CPT terms, we as the manufacturer take care of transport for you.
If there is any damage upon arrival, then you must inspect the delivery and immediately claim any damages to LaboGene according to the General conditions for Transport, Forwarding and Warehousing of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders, NSAB2000.

For CPT orders, the correct way to handle a shipment upon receipt is: to inspect it for any damage first (taking care to also check the tilt watch and shock watch) and to inform us immediately if there is any damage. We will then make a claim against our shipping company.

When an order is shipped according to ex.works terms, you as the customer take care of the transport yourself from LaboGene to the final destination.

If any damage occurs during shipping, you need to make a claim against your shipping company and apply to your insurance company to cover the value of the goods.

Afterwards, you need to issue a new purchase order for us (for the full amount in EUR) so we can replace your order.  

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