Check out our new packing materials!

Key points:

  • Professional-looking white packaging with LaboGene’s logo on all four sides.
  • More stable pallet that won’t tilt during transport with a normal lifting truck or forklift.
  • Pallet is 9 cm smaller (width is now 86 cm) and can therefore fit through a 90 cm-wide door.
  • Possible to pack the pallets on a truck both crosswise and lengthwise.
  • The Mars 1200 is placed on 3 strong, round pieces of foam plastic to protect the product from shocks and vibrations during transport.
  • Front window of cabinet is better secured with a strip of foam.
  • No heavy manual lifting required during packing and unpacking.
  • Easy to unpack. Just cut the strips and the cardboard materials can be removed without using any tools.
  • Packaging materials comprise few raw materials for easy disposal.
  • All packaging is modular, which means there is room for elements like a double HEPA exhaust filter, support stands etc.
  • Mounted tilt and shock watches on all packaging.
We look forward to your feedback on our new packaging!

We have compiled a set of instructions for how to unpack and re-pack LAF units. Please download them below:

Download the instructions for how to unpack Mars units here

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