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Cooling Equipment

ScanCool the brand that epitomizes the best in cooling equipment and that represents our long experience in the manufacturing of the ultra-low –90° C temperature freezer, SnowBird, and also of the cooling & cryostatic baths and circulators of the highest quality, reliability and performance.
SnowBird the personal ultra-low freezer, which give you everything with regard to low temperature sample storage, easily to fit in your laboratory and high security storage of your samples.  

ChillSafe the name of the best in Danish Cooling; Cryo and Cooling baths and Circulators. The ChillSafe range offers cooling down to -30°C; -50°C and -90°C in bath sizes in 8 or 18 liter, with cooling capacities from 600 to 1200 watts.

A choice of Controller-Circulators (Safety Class 3), for external circulation with adjustable temperature setting, over-temperature protection, and pump capacity of 17 l/min at 350 mbar are available in 2 versions 2000 Series or 4000 Series where the “4000” can be connected to a computer a do controlled rate heating and cooling.

A wide range of accessories which include Flex-trays and clamps for flasks and test tube racks, as well as Kits for external circulation.

These Controller- Circulators and Accessories are compatible with and can retro-fit the ”Old” Heto models - contact us for advice.

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