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LaboGene sets the standards in quality, design, innovation and service of its biological safety cabinets and laminar airflow cabinets that comes from a heritage over 50 years manufacturing experience and expertise which is epitomised in the ScanLaf brand.

LaboGene have always strived to make a positive contribution to the scientific community around the world.  We provide microbiology safety cabinets of innovative design, superb construction and unsurpassed reliability while employing energy saving and environmentally friendly components to produce the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly LAF and biological safety cabinets.

The ScanLaf range of safety cabinets offers today’s laboratories a wide choice to suit all protection needs:


Sterile cabinets:

  • Fortuna Clean Bench - Sterile cabinets incorporating the latest laminar airflow technology with new EC fans and optimized airflow.
  • Titan/Titan PCR - Compact "mini" clean air work stations. Ideal choice whern full security, sterility and practicality are required.

Class 1 safety cabinets: 

  • Jupiter - Class 1 safety cabinets providing optimal performance and protection for both the operator and environment. Ideal for the safe handling when working with chemicals and powders.
  • Atlas - Compact "mini" class 1 safety cabinets  with complete portability and enable suitable and convenient positioning in your laboratory.

Class 2 safety cabinets: 

  • Mars - The Mars safety cabinets take full advantages of the latest energy-efficient blowers and optimized air flows, contributing to lower energy consumption and reduction of the noise level. At the same time, giving the best protection for you, your products and your laboratory.
  • Mars Pro - A series of triple filter class 2 safety cabinets giving the ultimate in protection as the air in the work chamber is passing through two sets of HEPA filters. Thereby ensuring the elimination of any possible cross contamination.
  • Mars B2 - 100 % exhaust B2 safety cabinets suitable for microbiological work which requires sterility of product but may involve the use of small volumes of solvents, acids or chemicals. . 
  • Sirius - Compact "mini" class 2 safety cabinets giving the best in protection for you, your products and your laboratory as well as offering complete portability and enabling suitable and convenient poisitioning in your laboratory due to its compact size. 
  • Minerva -  A safety cabinet and enclosure which provide total protection for operator, samples and environment. Thereby giving ultimate containment for hazardous materials in hazard group's 1, 2 and 3. Optimal choice when total containment and protection is required. 

ScanLaf gives the best protection for your applications

LaboGene produce both biological safety cabinets in class 1 and class 2.  Furthermore we produce two laminar flow sterile cabinets, where the quality of the air is H14. We can also offer U15 as an option. LaboGene offer a customized bespoke program of clean air enclosures, down flow modules and air showers for industrial, laboratory and biological support unit applications. 

All of our biological safety cabinets are in compliance with EN 12469 (and DIN 12980 for our triple filter safety cabinets), EN 61010-1, EN 61000-6 and EN 11201.

In cooperation with our local distributors, we have a worldwide dealer and distribution network and distribution network that make it possible for us to provide our customers with top-quality equipment, delivered on time and backed up with high quality technical service for the lifetime of the equipment. 

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