New platform for Fortuna

Like the original Fortuna cabinet, the new and improved cabinet will come with a fixed, one-piece table top. However, as a new feature, it will be manufactured with an electric front window, thereby enabling the user to adjust the front window opening as needed.

For this reason, the front closing plate in aluminium will become superfluous when using UV light inside the cabinet, as the window can be shut completely.

Since the platform is identical to the Mars, the accessories which are available for the Mars cabinet will also be available for the Fortuna cabinet, with the exception of the table tops.

Initially, the delivery time will be longer than usual due to the switch-over to the new platform, in which we are currently producing prototypes. 

New data sheets, a brochure and a manual will be available for the Fortuna Clean Bench soon. More information about this to follow.

We are certain you will value this new model!

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