BioSafety Cabinet Service Training 2024

We know how important it is as a technician to be able to maintain and provide service for your customers.
We therefore host Service Training Seminars at LaboGene Headquaters at
Bjarkesvej 5 in Allerød, Denmark.


Our serminars will span over two days and is filled with a lot of hands-on training, know-how and technical training. As a participan you will get to change and test filters, regulation of down- and inflow, trouble shouting, service test report and much more.

You will recieve seminar materials on the first day. 
Lunch are included in our serminars.

When you succesfully has completed the seminar you will recieve a diploma certifying that you are qualified to carry out service on BioSafety Cabinets from LaboGene.


We can always orginize a tailored BSC Service Trainnig Seminar for your business, if your technicians aren't able to participate in the already arranged seminars. Don't hersitate to contact us and we will gladly help you.


Service Training in 2024

Your registration is binding in case of non-attendance. 



          29th-30rd of May 2024:               BioSafety Cabinet Training            100€ per participan

          18th-19th of September 2024:    BioSafety Cabinet Training            100€ per participan

Please notice!
We would expect you to fly in the night before, so that you are ready to start in the morning after
and then its possible to leave again at the evening of day 2.
We will of couse recommend a hotel for your stay
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