Service training seminar

On 6-7 October and 2-3 December we will be hosting this year’s service training seminars at our facility in Lynge, Denmark.

The seminars will span two days and we would expect you to fly in the night before so you are ready to start in the morning of either 6 October or 2 December and leave late in the evening of either 7 October or 3 December to give us two whole days for the training sessions.

The focus will be on ScanLaf and ScanVac and we will need your reply by 18 September for the October seminar and by 20 November for the December seminar if you would like to join.

We hope many of you will be able to join us and expand your knowledge in the areas of biological safety cabinets and freeze-drying. This is also an excellent opportunity for new employees at your company to get a better understanding of LaboGene’s products.

LaboGene will provide lunch and refreshments during the two days.
We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the seminar due to insufficient enrolment.

Next year, we are planning three service training seminars spread out over the year. These dates will be sent out in January 2016.

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