Sterile Cabinets: Titan/Titan PCR

Compact sterile cabinet - Titan/Titan PCR

Titan are a series of compact individual Clean Air work stations, which incorporate the latest laminator technology and energy-saving designs with HEPA-filtration. Offering complete portability and enabling suitable and convenient positioning in your laboratory.

The Titan series are vertical laminar flow “mini” cabinets that offer security and sterility, which eliminates the risk of contamination of your samples and avoidance of any cross contamination whilst working.

The air enters the sterile cabinet from the top of the chamber passing through a pre-filter prior to the main HEPA filter to provide true laminar down flow, which ensures ultimate product protection. The air flow thereafter exits from both the front aperture and the rear of the work surface, thus providing a positive pressure environment. The turbulent-free airflow provides a clean, sterile work chamber with complete protection for your products against microbiological intrusion or contamination.

The Titan cabinets, the ideal choice for your laboratory, wherever full security, sterility and practicality are required. PCR, cell culture, microbiology applications, microprocessor manufacturing, plant tissue culture, micro-electronics assembly and optics servicing, are just some examples of installations of the Titan cabinets.

Titan PCR offers additional features and benefits:
  • UV light control with timer and delay function
  • Front closing plate with interlock, protects against UV exposure
Laminar airflow with sterile air eliminates the risk of cross-contamination whilst working, ensuring no contamination of the chamber, thus allowing the UV light to work efficiently being directed closely towards the work table. The Titan PCR ensures deactivation of RNA/DNA contaminants within a few minutes to guarantee a more effective operation for you. The cabinet provides the safest and most reliable way to achieve consistent results during your daily PCR procedures.

The combination of UV-light and sterile air together with an easy to clean chamber in stainless steel, large work opening and optimal operator comfort make Titan PCR the best choice for your laboratory. 
Vertical laminar airflow sterile cabinet 
Vertical laminar airflow sterile cabinet

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