The story of LaboGene

LaboGene moved to new premises at Bjarkesvej 5 in Allerød in the autumn of 2017. The moving took place over an entire weekend and the firm were at full speed again the following Monday.
The move and new premises are seen as a new era for LaboGene – LaboGene 2.0! The same company in new wrapping which embraces our core values – The LaboGene Family, Customer Focus and The Little Extra.

During the year, a new online product configurator was introduced to guide you through all the relevant steps when configuring a freeze dryer or safety cabinet. The result is a safety cabinet or freeze dryer configured to your exact requirements and needs.

Furthermore, an improved ERP system has been under development and is set to be implemented in the start of 2018. Thereby, optimising the internal processes and improve the production flow and entire value chain. 

LaboGene has expanded over the past few years and implemented different alterations to how the production is being handled, which have resulted in the decision of selling the current premises in Lynge.
The building was sold in December 2016 and LaboGene will in the autumn of 2017 take over the new facilities at Bjarkesvej 5 in Alleroed. The new premises are more modern and have better production facilities which provide the base for an improved production flow and possibility to increase the working capacity to match the demand from our customers.

Furthermore, during 2016 new dual and triple filters class 2 safety cabinets focusing on low noise level and energy consumption were introduced to the market and were launch at the exhibition Analytica in Frankfurt.  

LaboGene switched to a new ERP system to better support the entire value chain and further improve the internal flow in the company.
A new freeze dryer model named “Touch” was introduced and launched at the exhibitions Achema and Forum Labo. Furthermore, a large order for 120 safety cabinets for the Maersk Tower, extension of the Panum complex at Copenhagen University, was won

LaboGene’s identity has been renewed with an updated web platform and improvements covering both the infrastructure & operations in the company and the external relations.
A new General Manager, Mr. Stig Lumbye, was appointed in October to continue the restructuring and improvements started back in 2013.   

Kontiki Holding becomes the main shareholder of the LaboGene Group to further strengthening the financial position.

ScanLaf merged with LaboGene, LaboGene being the continuing company. This year the focus was on the restructuring and general improvements and to make further changes that reflect LaboGene’s new approach to customers and business.
A re-organization and an establishment of a new management team was initiated.
The IVF Manufacturing unit owned by Origio was relocated in October.

In April the LaboGene share of Origio ScanLab Equipment was sold to Origio. Finn Kokholm, the founder and General Manager of LaboGene, passed away in December.

LaboGene was certified and approved by ISO 9001 Standard and moved to new premises at Industrivej 6-8, Lynge.

During the year a joint partnership was formed with Origio to manage the IVF business. This was called Origio ScanLab Equipment.

LaboGene was established as a sister company to strengthen the international position and to expand and develop the product range further.

When many employees of a Danish manufacturer of clean air equipment were made redundant in 2005, Finn Kokholm, a former Director of this company decided to set up a company called ScanLaf to continue the long tradition of manufacturing clean air equipment in Denmark. Many of the employees had expertise in other areas such as Freeze Drying and thermostatic circulators, from this the brands of ScanVac and ScanCool were born. ScanSpeed (centrifuges) were soon added to this lit.

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