VacSafe Pumps

VacSafe 15 portable energy-saving vacuum/aspiration pumps with low pressure and high performance.
  • Eco-friendly operation- traps and contains all vapours and condensates
  • Maintenance Free with no oils or membranes
  • Corrosion resistance and strong cleanable design
  • Noiseless, portable, compact design
  • Capacity of 2x10 l/min or 1x 15 l/min with 30mbar @ 24°C & 7mbar @ 2°C
  • Low power consumption of 100 watts
  • Low operational costs and no expensive spares

Ideal applications are rotary evaporation, gel dryers, vacuum concentration, Elisa washers, vacuum desiccators, distillation, vacuum ovens, Buchner flask filtration, etc.

Principle of Operation

The VacSafe 15 vacuum/aspiration pump works on the the “Venturi” principle, similar to the old, traditional water jet pump, A high pressure water jet is produced by the pump and allowed to expand into a larger volume. This expansion thereby creates a low pressure which in turn produces a vacuum on the pump side inlet. The speed of the water produced by the jet and the water volume expansion are the determining factors in the air removal capacity. The water temperature determines the ultimate vacuum achieved. The lower the temperature is - the lower the vacuum will be.

Advantages of using the VacSafe 15.

The VacSafe 15 uses only 4 litres of water while in operation. Any solvents or acids that are expelled via the vacuum are collected in the water reservoir and are prevented from being exhausted into the laboratory environment.
The contaminated water can then be disposed safely and replaced with fresh water. It has been calculated that operating the VacSafe for 1 day (8hours) can safe 5 tons of water compared to the Water Jet pump.

Water Temperature Pressure Achieved
40° 73mbar
30° 43mbar
24° 30mbar
10° 14mbar
Portable energy-saving vacuum pumps with low pressure and high performance
Drip catcher for the vacuum pump, VacSafe 15

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